Luxembourg’s regulatory environment is the foundation for its track record in the financial industry as the leading market for private banking in the European Union. Its political, economic and regulatory stability fosters a strong culture of investor protection. Together with the country’s openness to the world, makes the perfect environment for cross-border activities such as private and corporate banking, which is the reason why Luxembourg is the domicile of choice for many corporate entities across the world.

What we offer

  • We analyse and understand our client’s business objectives to provide tailor-made solutions that fulfil our client’s needs.
  • We serve as business introducers connecting our clients with the different service providers based in Luxembourg putting our client’s interests always first.
  • We offer advice on appropriate Luxembourg legal structures for company creation & sole point of contact for interaction with the different counter-parties.

Our approach

We identify the most suitable partnerships with the different service providers across the country and connect the client with the appropriate individuals to fulfill the client’s interests. We provide support in every step of the way and facilitate as much as possible the accomplishment of the client’s business objectives. We strive to grow long lasting relationships with our clients.